July 23, 2021

In a few hours from now, members of the APC family would be expected to gather under one roof in Port Harcourt, the Rivers capital.

For some, who think the occasion of the commissioning of the new party Secretariat may mark a turning point, a new visa in party administration and organisation is about to unfold.

For others, doubting Thomases inclusive, the gladiators in the Rivers APC who have been poles apart cannot be trusted to work together.

Whatever these schools of thought may believe, a gathering of APC’s first eleven appears to be around the curve. 

There may be the prospect of consensus arrangement to think of and there is no way that can happen if the members fail to sit under one roof.

Besides, national officials of the party are being expected. These officials are at the centre of the move to adopt the consensus approach.

Looking at the template announced by the conduct of the congresses, there is no time.

Officially, congresses of the All Progressives Congress across the country are a few days away.

So, the opening of the new party Secretariat along Woji Road which is merely ceremonial might well prove auspicious for the integration that is required to consider the best way of achieving a measure of consensus.

Already, a long list of those whose faces at the venue of the gathering are likely to send the appropriate signal to the public and members of the party has been released.

There are 40 of them and they are all statutory members of the party. There are other members of the party who are being expected.

But largely, this number of persons who have been officially invited by Isaac Ogbobula,  Chairman of the APC Caretaker Committee constitute the State Executive Committee,  SEC.

Around Rivers State, expectations are high.

Most associates of the Minister of Transportation from the State would be present.

Would Abe and members of his team set aside everything and make the opening ceremony?

There are possibly three opposing views within Abe circles. There are those who favour moving out of the APC completely.

Similarly,  there are supporters who believe it is good to stay back and destroy the APC from within.

Equally within the Abe group are persons who genuinely want to be in the APC. For this group, constructive engagements might offer the best option.

In the meantime, the Rivers people, especially those who are worried about the style of the PDP will be watching the body language of Senator Magnus Abe.

They would not be alone. The National Secretariat which allowed an extension of time for people to revalidate their membership would be watching.

So too would be the PDP which benefitted from hostilities within the APC.

Will it be time to bury the hatchet? Will it be uhuru soon?

No one cay say. Those who favour reconciliation say it is time to make the move.

Senator Abe’s presence at the opening of a new State Secretariat might be all that is required as proof that warring APC members are willing to forget a bitter past.

Will Abe exhibit the courage that peace making  requires? Would he and his supporters be able to promote their notion of justice and peace by taking a step? Will they be able to strengthen the belief of the APC National Secretariat in consensus by joining the APC at a time when many are hoping for a family reunion?
What will it be?

Only time will tell. For now, the countdown to the opening of the commissioning of the new state office begins.

Soon, most Nigerians,  nay Rivers people will most likely get answers to questions agitating their minds.

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